We're building the
bedrock for
real estate.

Huriti is a matchmaker brand that connects and manages the rental relationship between property owners and seekers. We intend to ensure that more people get the home and business space that will further help them achieve their goals. Our dream of a better society, starts with finding the right place to call a home or office, and we intend to make this vision a reality for Africa.

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Why Huriti?

In an industry where price does not match quality, decisions are based on bias rather than information, and lack of accountability is the order of the day, Huriti will become the hero for millions of Africans. We are the shelter provider for men and women who work hard and smart, but need a space for warmth and rest. We are the co-investment managers for savvy individuals and organizations who have turned bare lands into thriving real estate edifices.

Huriti believes that every human is talented, but they will need the right space to grow and flourish. We intend to bring out the best in people and businesses by finding the right rental place for them, while ensuring the property is profitable to the owner.

Huriti is a property management solution that offers quality homes and office spaces using technology, collaboration and insight. We are a mobile-first brand that ensures easy accessibility of services to every user.